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Alchemy for Transforming Trouble

Note: I'm finally activating my website blog . Every month I will share my notes from my 3 Wisdom Walk Talk broadcasts and Wisdom Walk to Self-Mastery YouTube's. Thank you for your patience.

The Meaning of Alchemy for Transforming Trouble:

Alchemy as a spiritual technology: Changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the energy of love, to create a desired result.

October was the 2nd and final Earth month in this Water year that has opened a New Age in human evolution with mind-blowing challenges and changes. As foretold, our former ways of having, doing, and thinking are simultaneously collapsing at break-neck speed, pushing all of us into overwhelming fear for the future. We must not stay down there. We can learn to cooperate and collaborate in the present to build a loving future. During October, I did three spiritual spills providing my home-grown spiritual alchemy for Transforming Surviving into Growing, Transforming Drifting into Seeking and Transforming Losing into Finding. Below are the essential points of my spills and the Personal Growth Opportunities (PGO's) which I shared. May this information and wisdom be of great support to you during these overwhelmingly challenging times.

Transforming Surviving Into Growing

Titanic is what I will use as an analogy for what is happening as a result of COVID, or any other negative surprise or shock you’ve experienced. In the movie, the antagonist (villain) says as he’s about to board Titanic, “Even God can’t sink this ship!” Boy, wasn’t he surprised!

His arrogance is again demonstrated when he attempts to buy his way onto a lifeboat. This disregard for others is alive and kicking today, as there has been so much “profit over people” in the response to the global pandemic. Being in survival mode will do that to humans. We can easily get separated from our higher consciousness. I found the following information to be helpful to better understanding survival mentality:

Trauma and the Brain: Signs You Might Be In Survival Mode, Danielle Young, Outpatient Supervisor

  • During times of crisis, chaos, and traumatic experiences we enter “survival mode

  • These experiences can either be real life threats or perceived threats to our safety;

  • Our survival brain reacts impulsively to maintain self-preservation and although it is trying to keep us alive, it can make everything feel much more difficult

Most importantly, survival mode will lock you into only considering you. You can easily move into victim mode and feel justified to either not consider that others are also in trouble, or you will look for who to blame. Neither of these reactions will get you off your “Titanic”.

The Spiritual Alchemy for Transforming Surviving into Growing:

Step One: Raise the frequency level of your thoughts

(say No to being a victim & YES to being a Victor)

Instead of staying on the Titanic in survival mode, get into a life raft by shifting your perspective to, “Oh, my God, the Universe is calling me to grow up!”

Step Two: Get your physical and emotional body back into balance

(get yourself grounded in the present, transcend the past, trust the future)

This can be done simply by getting still and quiet by focusing on slowing down your breathing to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which automatically clears and opens your mind up to receive new information. Also going outside for a walk, connecting with Nature, are also good methods for getting back into balance.

Step Three: Consciously choose Love over Fear

(connect with your Greater Order & Direction to accept that you’re being stretched & grown)

Set a clear intention to release, let go of whatever can no longer serve you, express gratitude for what is coming, and ask your Ancestors to bring you clarity for your growth process

Transforming Drifting to Seeking

The absence of formal initiation into adulthood has most humans drifting through life. Drifting is just another experience of survival mode where you are constantly operating from the mental model of a victim. You give your power over to someone and/or something external to your Self when you have not been emotionally and spiritually connected to your purpose in life. Most humans live according to economic goals for survival versus the path of their true mission in life –which in a nutshell is to love and be loved in return.

So, to grow ourselves out of drifting and into seeking, we need something to seek. That something is the Authentic Self. This is where believing in higher purpose, and being willing to transcend the 5-sensory experience to seek a greater understanding of life events and who you truly are becomes essential and necessary.

In the film and book, The Life of Pi, at first Pi is just adrift at sea with a man-eating tiger. He’s a total victim. But, once he decides to open up to learning why he is still alive, he becomes a Seeker and is able to “tame” Richard Parker so he can find his way “home” to who he is truly.

The Spiritual Alchemy for Transforming Drifting into Seeking:

Step One: Raise the frequency level of your thoughts

(open to accepting and embracing your higher purpose)

Every human was given a sacred contract before being given a mind and a body. This contract informs what you are obligated to experience to become the best version of yourself –to allow your Soul to shine through. The sacred contract is encoded in our hearts. We drift through life when we ignore and deny the callings of our heart. We need to ask the question of why we exist and make our life journey the seeking of the true answer.

Step Two: Enable your physical and emotional body to receive higher guidance

(get yourself into daily stillness to listen to your heart & soul)

You can’t learn your sacred contract through 3D education. You must practice daily learning how to get still and listen to your higher self, to the stirrings in your heart, to the wisdom of your soul, and to the higher guidance of your loving, non-physical teachers. No one can tell you your higher purpose. They can help you remember, but only you can know it as the truth from within.

Step Three: Consciously choose Love over Fear

(connect with your Greater Order & Direction to accept that you’re being stretched & grown)

Set a clear intention to learn your sacred contract. Ask for the right help, from the book and information of Carolyn Myss to other forms of learning. Ask and thank your Ancestors for assisting you with this essential task and growth process.

Transforming Losing to Finding

2021, a Water Year, can be best characterized as a period of great losing – family, friends, homes, jobs, relationships, health, wealth, ideas and beliefs, answers, and of course confidence, clarity, and courage. When we choose to ignore, deny, and/or sedate the emotional pain that great loss naturally brings about, when we shut down the painful experience of grief in all it’s varied forms --numbness, anger, rage, depression, pool of tears, we inhibit/hinder our soul growth. We create self-generated blocks to seeking our truths, and most importantly, finding our treasure in the trouble.

In the award-winning Apple TV series, “Ted Lasso”, the lead character begins to have panic attacks after agreeing to divorce. He tries to shrug them off, committed to never being a quitter, but ultimately the attacks become unmanageable and he chooses to learn how to heal his embedded pain from the tragic loss of his father that happened when he was a teenager. Fans of the show look forward to Season 3 and to learn what treasures Ted will find now that he’s consciously healing his daddy-drama.

The Spiritual Alchemy for Transforming Losing into Finding:

Step One: Raise the frequency level of your thoughts

(willing to accept loss to focus on finding the new treasure)

Acceptance of loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that begins as a willingness, and then becomes a learning of your unique experience of grief. Throw out the clock. Being a mechanical human won’t serve you. Take the grief journey because downwards is the only way forward. (Inception quote)

Step Two: Allow & expect your physical and emotional body to receive support

(use your intuition and open to receiving your necessary support)

You can’t navigate through great loss successfully without necessary help. Our ego fear of being a burden, being told “no”, or being judged and labelled will keep us from taking the necessary risk to get all the help we need to move forward from great loss. It’s very humbling to step deeply into our vulnerability, but as Brené Brown says, that’s the birthplace for love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. “It is the source of hope empathy, accountability, and authenticity.” Remember, we’re all in this together.

Step Three: Consciously choose Love over Fear

(connect with your Greater Order & Direction to accept that you’re being stretched & grown)

The world is out to “gift” you, not get you. You are here for a purpose, you have a sacred contract, trouble comes to stretch and grow you into the more of who you truly are. You don’t need to like the trouble or the pain. You just need to respect it as part of the required reality. Choose to learn the higher purpose in the great loss of 2021.

Personal Healing & Growth Opportunity:

Spiritual Alchemy for Transforming Trouble

Are you ready to grow vs survive, seek vs drift, and find vs lose?

1. Contemplate the following:

  • where and/or how you are currently in survival mode

  • where and/or how you are currently drifting through life

  • the loss or losses you’ve experienced this year, and choose one or all for which you are ready to find the hidden treasure

2. Apply the 3 steps for spiritual alchemy to each of your situations.

3. Stay awake and aware to all that shows up to support you with your conscious growth process.

4. Do daily gratitude prayers until you feel totally confident about your growth process.

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